Monday, May 1, 2017


Partial list - DPOA - Tuebor - April 2017
Detroit Police Officer Safety.....

Nine officers shot or killed since September !!!! Are Detroit Police Officers - Safe ????

For years now, I have said that DPD is at least 1,000 police officers understaffed, Chief Craig says he wants 1,500. DPD is losing police officers at a rapid rate due to low pay and benefits. I have said that the Mayor and Chief should go to Lansing and Washington to get State and Federal Grant money to pay for new officers, better training and better equipment. We have a President Trump that talks tough but provides nothing to aid police departments.

Mark Diaz, President of the DPOA (Detroit Police Officers Association) writes in the Tuebor (DPOA Newspaper) "By stripping retiree healthcare from Detroit's retired heroes the exodus from the DPD is like nothing I've seen before. With the bulk of our membership having between 15 and 20 years of service, the only option for us is to seek employment elsewhere so we can have some semblance of health insurance in our golden years.....The average police pension is a meager $25,000 a year....DPD officers seek employment elsewhere leaving a sparsely staffed PD in their wake..." (April 2017)

I was told at a recent LSA meeting that Academy grads are turning in their badges, having been trained and certified, as they leave the stage and / or the next day, so they can work for other police departments, in safer areas for better pay and benefits. DPD is losing about 25 officers a month - how many are in the Academy and how many are graduating ?

Can a DPD officer feel safe - when calling for assistance or back up, when low staffing is causing problems on all shifts. We see a multitude of police cars at a police officer shooting, as there should be, but what about in normal times, what about when a homIcide occurs and shift cars are called to respond - who takes the 911 calls.

With increased special events, baseball, football, hockey, basketball events and more people coming downtown - How many officers must be assigned downtown, uptown and Corktown and who is going to pay for the police protection - the Lions, Tigers, Red Wings and Pistons, all owned by BILLIONAIRES, who have taken hundreds of millions of dollars - $$$$$$$$ for their sports palaces and developments, while DPD retirees have NO health care and police officers are low paid.

In the 80's I asked for reflective traffic safety vests for officers - I was hit by a car, on duty, in 1991 - do all DPD officers have a simple safety vest to wear at accidents scenes or in the night ???? The City must honor its responsibilities to the Duty Disabled Officers - Mayor Duggan is NOT.

George Hunter, of the Detroit News, documented for all to see the low manpower numbers - What has been done to increase the number of police officers ??? Has the Mayor / Chief forged an agreement for Ford, Ilitch, Gores, Gilbert and others to pay for new officers to protect their palaces and events ????

Detroit Police Officers need higher pay and better health and retirement benefits - NOW - the Mayor, the Chief know it !!!! This can't wait... Officers need to know they have back up and assistance when its needed and the people of Detroit need to be better protected - and can't be and are not - because of low police manpower.

To honor those Detroit Police Offices that have been killed or injured in the line of duty - the City must commit to their safety and public safety.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

MSNS Convention & Coin Show, April 7 - 9th

Do you want or collect foreign coins or want yours appraised...then go to the Michigan State Numismatic Association Spring Convention and Coin Show, Friday, April 7 - Sunday, April 9th, at Macomb Community College (South) Campus (building P). MSNS will feature nationally known coin collectors at seminars, and a Young Numismatic Program that will educate, amaze and give your coin collectors - collectible coins, and other numismatic items that will help them appreciate coin collecting (Saturday, April 8 at 11:30 am - 12:45 pm, in the Macomb Room. Everyone is welcome, with free admission (photo ID required), free parking, and food will be available. So bring the whole family....and your coins if you want them appraised - free.
photo credit: David Malhalab MNS Photo / M News Service (fb)

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Click here: Governor.... Please ...VETO.... the Gun Lock Bill, that gives gun / rifle buy...

Michigan should not give tax breaks for gun locks....It should MANDATE that all purchases of guns / rifles / assault weapons come with a FREE gun lock...that way there is NO question that a gun lock came with the weapon and should have been used...

To many children have been killed and injured by careless disregard for gun safety....It needs to end...and the Michigan Legislature must do it now...

Also the Open Carry Law must be abolished....abolished...there is NO constitutional right to Open Carry, which is a clear and present danger to the public and law enforcement officers...(Dearborn incident etc....)

Police Chiefs and County Sheriffs must speak as one to condemn Open Carry and to get the Michigan Legislature to take action to abolish Open Carry in Michigan...a movement the must become a National Issue.

David Malhalab
Sgt DPD Retired DD

Friday, March 24, 2017


Trump-Ryan Health Care bill - Withdrawn, MAJOR DEFEAT (updated))
The Trump-Ryan Health Care bill has been pulled from a vote in the House of Representatives at the request of President Trump and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. It is a Dead Bill - now.

Trump and Republicans had campaigned for over seven (7) years to Repeal and Replace the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and the House took over 60+ formal votes to repeal the ACA and claim that the could do better - but the TRUTH is the Republicans had NO Health Care Plan and in just over 20 days tried to ram through their cobbled together bill that could not please or get enough votes within the Presidents own Republican Party - that the Republican Party is fractured and unable to do what is right for the American People, let alone for its own Party.

Trump cannot govern - His administration is mired in a Russian scandal, his choice of Cabinet members are weak, inexperienced Carson, Perry, DeVos, Scott, etc) and can't move their agencies forward to help the American people. He can't get his legislative agenda moving forward.

PS..President Trump held a press conference at the White House after he requested that the Trump-Ryan Health Care bill be pulled from a vote and he showed - just how "out of touch' and ignorant he is about being the President of the United States.

He blamed the House Democrats for not being able to pass the TRHC Act, ignoring the fact that he didn't need one Democratic vote and the fact that he - Trump, the great deal maker, couldn't get enough House Republican, his own Party, votes to pass the bill. He was defeated by the House Freedom Caucus who stood firm against him and he lost moderate Republicans on a bill that was created without public iinput or a majority Republican input, a bill created behind closed and locked doors.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Trump to Congress....2/28/17 Nothing New to Say....

President Trump is going to address a joint session of Congress tonight - speculation about what he is going to say is subject of a thousand words, but I think he will recycle his campaign speeches and add phony progress reports about his disasterous first few weeks...

His and his Administration put out Lie after Lie ( or Alternate Facts) without worrying about the consequences.

We have seen he does not know the 'best people - the smartest people' (Ben Carson, Betsy DeVos, Scott Pruitt, Jeff Sessions etc) ...

He does not 'know more than the Generals' or he wouldn't have approved of the Yemen Operation. Then dishonored the family of the Navy Seal and LIes about the Operation.

He paid back the people of Pennsylvania by allowing Big Coal to dump waste water into their rivers and wetlands - he has NO plans to protect the environment.

He had NO plan to replace the Affordable Care Act - just campaign slogans plans...and the Republican Party has had NO plans for eight years.

He has tweeted divisive and ignorant rants...and continues, apparently his family and staff - have NO effect on him.

He has started a War Against the Media - not seen since the Nixon Administration and trampled on the US Constitutions - First Amendment.

He continues to try and divide NOT unite....

He continues a courtship with Vladamir Putin, of Russia, that makes him look weak...denies connections to Putin..

He speaks and his spokespeople and Cabinet members have to 'clean up' his comments and to assure friends that that is NOT the US policy.

There is more...but President Trump needs a 'gut check' to listen to his family and honest advisors regain the Trust of the American people and to have a place in American History - and not be a future footnote.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016



That glorified this assassin who killed, under cover of police colors, the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, while he made a speech in front of people at an art gallery.

Burhan Ozbillici, the Associated Press photographer, who took this photograph, which will become - infamous - but may also aid in an investigation was right to do so, but also will aid in ISIS recruitment and increase tensions in Syria, Turkey and Russia and indeed around the World. Assassins need only kill important people and stand around for their photo to get front page glory around the World.

News organizations were not obligated or should not have used this photo - from simple humanity, common sense and without proper thought as to the ramifications.
It does not further any news story to include this photo - it is purely a sick, demented man who is enjoying the moment he killed a defenseless man, in front of women and children.

Whether or not you agree with the events in Allepo, Syria - which supposedly was the reason for the assassination - the use of this photograph - does not help, resolve the situation nor does it make the action - heroic, and so the photo should not have been used when other photos could have portrayed the horror of this incident.
Detroit newspapers have used a mass killer photo on the front page and other news organizations have used mass killer photos, repeatedly, as part of their stories...the photos are a glorification, an honor to those, who maimed and killed, not a DETERRENT...

So to all NEWS ORGANIZATIONS AND OUTLETS...don't honor killers by putting their faces on the front page or on the lead to a video news story....use a victims photo or some relevant photo that tells other - you will not see your face - if you kill people......

The only time a photo should be used is to - catch - a killer, not to
make him a hero to others, who sympathize with their sick actions.