Thursday, October 8, 2015

RAPE KITS - $490 = JUSTICE ????? NO NO

RAPE KITS - $490 = JUSTICE ????????????? NO

Hello $490 = Justice ????

Women who have been Victims of rape, incest should not have to band together to raise funds to have their RAPE KITS analyzed !!!!!! $490 is the estimated cost of analyzing a medical Rape Kit....

This is a function of government, police - and the local governments who cannot afford to test those RKs should get additional funding from the Legislature....This should not be a partisan issue...a tax no tax issue....The Legislature should create a fund that local governments can withdraw from, for this issue....

NO person should pay after they have been a victim of a violent crime to get Justice - our society is wrong ....if we allow RKs to be held hostage or to age because of a lack of funds to test them....

These women deserve Justice and in a timely manner.....

Rochelle, $490 + Justice.... (Detroit Free Press)

Are you going to do an article about $490 = Justice, the Michigan Legislature that just voted and the Governor signed a bill into law - giving gun purchasers a tax break - when buying a gun lock or gun safe...a tax break... a Republican Legislature that voted to end a tax credit to the working poor !!!! and women have to band together to pay for rape kit testing ?????

And AG Schuette jumping on the band wagon - to get money for rape kit testing - OMG what a hypocrite....he spent millions of tax dollars fighting gay marriage and now he gets on board the Kym Worthy efforts to get rape kit money .....

David Malhalab
Sgt DPD Retired

Tuesday, September 22, 2015



Please ...VETO.... the Gun Lock Bill, that gives gun / rifle buyers a tax exemption for buying gun locks, gun safes to looks like Republicans take from the POOR (Earned Income Credit) and give to the RICH....$$$$ savings for buying gun locks, gun safes which should be required, by law in Michigan, on all sales of guns / rifles...

Dunham's Sport gives FREE gun locks to all buyers of guns / rifles as - policy...

VETO the law - if you can afford to buy a gun / rifle can afford to buy a gun lock and if you need a gun safe - then you have more than enough invested and need to buy a gun safe, and don't need a tax credit...

David Malhalab
Sgt DPD Retired

Michigan Senate votes to lift sales tax on gun safes, trigger locks until 2018
Michigan gun owners could buy gun safes and trigger locks without having to pay the state's 6 percent sales tax under legislation approved Thursday that backers said...


Monday, September 14, 2015


Great Gun Policy !!! - Dunham's Sports - free gun locks..

Dunham's Sports store (Dearborn Heights) manager told me that their company policy is to give (free) gun lock with every gun purchase. This is a great policy that should be - adopted by or required of - all stores that sell guns.
There is NO reason for Michigan (a State Rep proposal) to give a sales tax exemption for purchasing a gun lock. If you can afford to buy a gun or rifle, you can afford to buy a gun lock, and Michigan should require a gun lock purchase with every sale, unless included.

Walmart should stop selling all guns / rifles...It's CEO said it is a family friendly store and he was uncomfortable selling Confederate flags, so he should end the sale of all guns / rifles in their stores - nationwide (not just assault style weapons).

ps: Michigan should BAN - Open Carry Guns - in schools, stadiums, theaters, churches etc...and also BAN concealed weapons in these areas also, leaving only law enforcement officers and retirees with 'Pistol Free Zone Exemption' to carry their weapons.

Also, The Legislature should require that all TOY guns not replicate real guns and that they be colored - neon colors, so that NO one can mistake a toy gun for a REAL gun.

Friday, September 11, 2015



Should American Women be Allowed to go TOPLESS, in the 21st Century ?????????????? What do you think !!

On a hot summer day everywhere in America, men can take off their shirts to cool off or to get a good tan, but women must keep the shirts, blouses, swim suit tops on - WHY ?????

America is a 'Christian' country and God would be offended ???? Our own taboos and fears of seeing a topless woman in public ?????
Well states and cities are now allowing women the freedom to go topless and be equal with men to show off their chests....breasts...without fear of arrest, harassment by 'Christians', and awkward stares, but in New Your City, the best city in the world, topless women are causing a controversy and some people want the Mayor to crack down and save NYC.

Leave your comments....SHARE...this post, lets get the discussion going...Let's allow Women to go Topless in America, from sea to shining sea, on the mountain tops, and in cities, towns, villages and states everywhere.

The following cities are officially topless "tested":
Asheville, NC
Austin, TX,
Boulder, CO
Columbus, OH
Eugene, OR
Honolulu, HI
Keene, NH
Key West, FL at Fantasy Fest
Madison, WI,
New Orleans, LA, at Mardi Gras
New York City
Portland, Or,
Santa Fe, NM
South Miami Beach, FL (on the beach)
Washington, DC
It is also legal to be topless in public in the following countries:

Sunday, August 30, 2015


Eastern Michigan University and Native American Student Organization are WRONG...............Keep the Huron Logo ...

EMU Interim President Kim Schatzel, is buying new EMU Band jackets without the Huron Logo on an inside flap, because of protest against the logo by some Native American students - her decision is wrong !!! and so is Amber Morseau, President of the EMU Native American Student Organization for supporting the decision.

Native Americans were the first people of America - their lands were taken and an estimated five (5) million Native Americans were killed in the Westward Expansion of the United States. The rally cry was 'The only good Indian, is a dead Indian' as the Europeans marched from shore to shore killing Native Americans and stealing their lands...It is interesting that the story came out on the same day that a story was written about the Michigan Legislature, under funding Native American College Funding.

Native Americans were taught to 'scalp' so that the British and French could pay to see how many British and French men were killed during their wars against each other and their own territorial advancements.
Native Americans saw their food (buffalo) killed for sport by the millions, and not for food or clothing. They saw their women and children massacred as the US Army took over for the advancing settlers. Native Americans were forced to leave their homelands and be sent to 'reservations' sometimes in the most desolate areas.
Native Americans must stand up and demand that their story be told and taught in school districts, in every part of the country, so that it is never forgotten (as many Germans deny the Holocaust and the Japanese deny the China atrocities and Turkey denies the Armenian Genocide).

The Native Americans and all the Tribes should develop a list of acceptable - Logos
and Symbols - that honor their Tribes, leaders and people, and offer them to schools and universities so that the Native American image can be seen, revered and cheered for - to not do so allows the image of Native Americans to disappear and allows older unacceptable images (Redskins) to linger on.
So let the debate move forward - let us recognize the contributions, the history, the culture, the food and traditions of our Native Americans to be celebrated.


Eastern Michigan University announced today it will be dropping the Huron logo from marching band uniforms after controversy swirled in June when members of the Native American community voiced objections at a board meeting.

EMU Interim President Kim Schatzel made the announcement in an email to the campus community.

Several members of the community spoke out during the meeting, renewing controversy over the school's use of the Huron logo, which depicted an Indian with a painted face and two feathers.

"This morning I notified members of the Native American Student Organization and their faculty advisor, Dr. Lori Burlingame, that I am initiating a process to remove the Huron logo from the jackets of the EMU Marching Band," Schatzel said. "The university will be purchasing new uniform jackets with no logos nor symbols other than the block "E," which will continue to be on the outside of the jacket. "

Schatzel said the action will happen "as expeditiously as possible" and the associated costs will be paid for out of donated funds from the EMU Foundation.

Native Americans want 'Huron' logo off EMU band uniforms

Schatzel said there will be no impact on the General Fund and no tuition dollars will be utilized.

"This action results from a thorough review, by myself and members of EMU's senior leadership team, of the 1991 decision by the Board of Regents to stop using the Huron logo and name," she said in an email. "... As we all know, controversy and questions surrounding the use of logos and symbols that are offensive to some groups or community members is a highly complex issue that is not isolated to Eastern Michigan University.'

The use of the logo has long been controversial at the university. The school was known as the Hurons for 62 years but In 1991, under pressure from the Michigan Civil Rights Commission and Native Americans, EMU was one of the first schools in the nation to drop its logo and change from the Hurons to the Eagles.

But three years ago, former university president Susan Martin reintroduced the Huron logo under a flap on the marching band uniforms, along with another logo representing when the band was formed in 1894.

Amber Morseau, President of the Native American Student Organization at EMU, said she was pleased with the announcement, which followed a morning meeting with Schatzel. Morseau said she believes EMU is again on the "right side of history."

"It is our hope that with this decision, and the reiteration of the damaging effects of racist images, stereotypes, and symbols in our lives and our communities, the environment at EMU will improve not only for Native students, but for all students of color moving forward," Morseau said. "... We are not costumes, we are not mascots, and we appreciate that Dr. Schatzel was able to understand this so easily and was committed to doing the right thing."

Monday, August 17, 2015


For years I have emailed legislators and the media - about the need of OPEN CARRY GUN REFORM - saying that it 'presents a clear and present danger to the public'. The Detroit News Editorial, Sunday August 16, 2015, finally is on the right side of Open Carry Reform - relating their fears for school children and principals that must make a decision to protect the children. The Detroit News makes a call for the Michigan Legislature to make reforms and to protect the public.....Now they have a provided conservative voice for Open Carry Reform and hesitant legislators should use the Editorial and do what is right - limit Open Carry...protecting children, the public and law enforcement officers.

Additionally - the Michigan Legislature should outlaw realistic looking to guns - and have them replaced with neon colored ones..


Advocates for unrestricted gun rights are provoking a reckless fight with school districts; it’s one they should lose

Carrying Handguns Openly
(Photo: Ricardo Thomas / The Detroit News)
Open carry advocates who are insisting on exercising their rights to carry pistols and rifles into schools, unconcealed, should put themselves in the place of principals who have the heavy responsibility of keeping a few hundred children safe from harm.

How would they respond if an adult walked through their doors, or even onto school grounds, with a visible gun? After Columbine and Sandy Hook and other places around the country where children have been slaughtered in mass shootings, would they simply shrug and assume the person is a harmless open carry advocate exercising his or her constitutional right?

Or would they mobilize, lock down the school, call the police and take whatever steps are necessary to protect the kids entrusted to their care? If it were their child, how would they want the school to respond?

And what about the police? When they arrive at the school, how do they ascertain whether the gun toter is a threat? Are they supposed to wait until a shot is fired? A misread of the situation can lead to an unnecessary tragedy.

These questions are becoming increasingly relevant in Michigan as open carry zealots get more determined to push their rights. Several school districts have raised concerns about guns being displayed in plain sight by school visitors, and the uncertainty and unease they create.

Common sense seems to have gone out the window. The open carry lobby is intent on provoking a confrontation — gunning for a fight, if you will. That’s a bad practice when firearms are involved.

Last week, a Genesee County judge ruled a local school district could not prevent a father from showing up to school with his gun on full display. The judge said state law gives him that right.

But as an attorney for another school district noted, state law also requires school officials to establish policies to ensure the “safety and protection of students.”

The two laws are in conflict. So the Legislature should provide clarity.

This newspaper has been consistent in its support of the Second Amendment, recognizing that many gun control proposals are little more than feel good measures that would not impact gun violence.

But all rights are subject to reasonable restrictions.

It is reasonable to restrict open carry rights in venues such as schools, theaters or other crowded public spaces where they are likely to create panic and lead to potentially dangerous confusion about the intent of the carrier.

Michigan has very liberal concealed carry laws. There is a low bar for obtaining a concealed pistol license. Those who feel the need to be constantly armed should take the minimal training required and apply for a CPL.

State lawmakers should heed the request of numerous school districts worried about the safety of their students and amend the law to make school buildings and grounds off-limit for the open carry of firearms.


Letter to the Editor

Open Carry Laws, in Michigan, and other states, are a 'clear and present danger' to the general public and law enforcement officers..Persons who 'open carry' frighten the public and the law doesn't allow law enforcement officers to properly investigate that person, so neither the public nor the law enforcement officer knows the clear intent of that person - and wether he / she is a danger or not.

To allow 'open carry' advocates to carry a gun, rifle or other weapons into 'pistol free zones' where persons with a proper Concealed Weapons Permit cannot go, goes against all logic and concerns for the public, in this current state of anxiety over crime and terrorism.

God did not give US citizens the 'right to carry a gun' ....carrying a gun is NOT a God given must be regulated for the protection of the public and law enforcement officers.
If you qualify for a CPL then you should abide by the laws and not be allowed to 'open carry'. CPL training must also be increased, to protect the licensee and the general public.

The Michigan legislature should, immediately, make reforming the 'Open Carry Laws' a priority, because of the current and past incidents that have children, teachers and the public fearful.I am one of the few, but growing law enforcement officers that have spoken out about 'open carry laws' and the need for restrictions on the purchase of handguns, military assault style weapons and toy guns.

We must make Michigan residents and all US citizens safer from gun violence and that will take standing up to the National Rifle Association. It will take legislators and congressmen courage - now is the time to add to those 'Profiles in Courage'.

Sgt David Malhalab, Detroit Police Retired

ps: Open Carry Laws in Michigan need to be reformed....A person should not be able to Open Carry guns / rifles / assault weapons anywhere that a Concealed Weapon Permit restricts their prescense, stadiums, schools, college campuses, government buildings, bars, restaurants etc... and Toy Guns should all be colored neon colors and NOT resemble real handguns / rifles / assault weapons for public safety and law enforcement safety. Contact your State Legislator and US House and US Senate representatives and tell them to make your streets safe.

Open-carry activist speaks out after school lockdown scare
Two Michigan gun advocates tested their rights to openly carry in the most controversial of places allowed by the state — public schools.

Saturday, July 18, 2015


Rumor - has it - that arrest rates are down 80%, in Detroit, normally 300 a day, now 60 a day...a person connected to the Department has said and others say the rumor is well known and that supervisors have tried to COERCE... DPD officers into making more arrests....

Reasons are ooohhhh so numerous: Low starting pay $14.00 and hour ($8.00 and hour after taxes / pension), Wage cuts for senior officers, pension and benefit cuts, unfounded citizen complaints, constant criticism from people like, Ron Scott (Citizens Against Police Brutality) who seems to get a comment into every news story about police taking action... low hiring standards (GED minimum requirement), poor and unsafe equipment, and continuing UNDER STAFFING (1590 officers / more minus every month.

Where is the $113m that was supposed to flow to the DPD after bankruptcy ??????? The GM - Ford - Chrysler vehicles donated, over two (2) years ago, to the department, need to be replaced. A recent news story about two children being killed in a police chase, had the officer testifying that their 2004 scout car was so bad, they didn't want to drive it over 50 miles and hour - for the officers safety.

While (BILLIONAIRE) Ilitch and Gilbert and Ford get hundreds of millions of tax dollars (err: captured downtown development dollars) for an uneeded M1 Railway System - a transportation boon doggle, a baseball stadium, a ice area and a football stadium, Detroit Police Officers, Detroit Fire Fighters and EMS staffers still suffer from low pay, pension and benefits, while Ilitch, Gilbert and Ford reap millions of dollars from tax payers supported projects - if the projects are so lucrative, then let them borrow the money ( at 0% interest - from the Feds).

Call the Mayors office and City Council offices and demand a better police department, with increased hiring standards, better pay, pensions and benefits for officers / fire fighters and EMS techs. Your safety as a Detroit resident and / or Visitor depends on this....until it happens - Detroit will be unsafe - everyday and night.
Crime should be the #1 issue - everyone agreed during the election - but now the rich get the dough and residents the crumbs.