Monday, August 22, 2016


The Ambassador Bridge is 87 years old, by the time the Gordie Howe International Bridge is completed the AB will be nearly 100 years old.

Is the Ambassador Bridge - safe - are two photographs that I took in July 2016...on the Canadian side of the it safe ???? When was the last impartial bridge safety inspection done ????
Parts of the Bridge have fallen into the streets of Windsor.
Would you feel safe driving over the Bridge ????

Matty Maroun, the owner of the Ambassador Bridge, can't be trusted - it is said he put 1,000 windows into the old Central Railroad Terminal, but has not rehabbed or made substantial progress in fixing the building, that sits as a Tombstone to an entrance into Detroit.
Mayor Duggan seems to have been bought off or made a bad deal with Maroun, who has paid lobbyist and legislators who fight for his interests in Lansing and Washington, while Detroit looks at his failures.

It's time the Governor, the Mayor and the Federal Govt stands up to Maroun and takes control of urgent trans border needs of the US and Canada.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016



Donald Trump (the BILLIONAIRE) says he is the 'Law and Order' candidate which should scare all Americans...that comment should send a chill through all minority communities...that comment should bother Law Enforcement Officers throughout the nation, who will see that police-community relations become more strained if Trump is ever to become President. Common Sense says this is TRUE.

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke proudly and rightfully proclaimed that 'Blue Lives Matter'...he should have accepted the applause and walked off the RNC stage, but he continued, denigrating and condemning 'Black Lives Matters' supporters. He was divisive and harmed police community relations. It will be interesting to see how his speech plays out in his city...but it was wrong for America and for Blue Lives.

The Cleveland Police Union President asked Governor Kasich to suspend 'Open Carry' in Cleveland, to protect 'Blue Lives' - law enforcement officers, many who had come from all over the country to assist Cleveland officers. They feared that protesters who would be allowed to 'Open Carry' guns and rifles would present a dangerous problem for the officers. Kasich said he had NO authority to do so - he should have had his AG find a way.

Dallas (TX) police officers - asked for an end to 'Open Carry' because so many protesters were carrying the guns and rifles (legally) that it made it difficult for them to know a 'good guy from a bad gun'

I have have written that Law Enforcement Officers, City Police Chiefs, County Sheriffs, and State Troopers must take the lead to end 'Open Carry' that endangers 'Blue Lives' and we need better and extended training for CPLs holders.
LEOs must take the lead to get a BAN on military assault weapons, high capacity magazines, background checks at gun shows and allowing the ATF to inspect and monitor gun stores, gun shows, and to use computers to track weapons to aid LEOs nationally when crimes are committed by guns.

We must support all law enforcement officers 'Blue Lives' matters but we must acknowledge - that we must work together to form better police - community relations, and Trump rhetoric doesn't do that.


New Jersey - Chris Christie (Gov) ...Shame shame shame.....

Governor Chris Christie shamed himself and his state by his unethical, insulting, demeaning, crude, distasteful, vulgar speech at the Republican National Convention 2016 - listing talking points about the former First Lady, US Senator and Secretary of State - Hillary Clinton, also a mother and grandmother.

He listed anti Hillary talking points, some discredited, and encouraged the crowd to chant back - Guilty,...then the chant of the Convention thru day three - Lock her Up....reverberated.

Christie wanted the be Trump's Vice President, but his NJ baggage and his support for the NJ Democratic Legislature's, 23c a gallon gas hike made that impossible. He is now focused on being the US Attorney General, and his speech at the RNC should spike, kill any hope he had of getting that job.

Christie has shamed his State and himself and all those that cheered lustily (for blood) at the Convention.

Friday, July 8, 2016


God Bless the Dallas (TX) Police Department.....

May God Bless the twelve (12) police officers killed and injured while doing their sworn duty to - Protect and Serve.

A police officer with a simple bullet proof vest and a 9 mm / 40 cal handgun is and was NO match for a gunman armed with a AR-15, military style assault weapon, a weapon of War, a weapon designed for mass casualties, as we saw a brave Dallas officer get into a fire fight with the crazed gunman.

Let us all - Police Officers, County Sheriffs, State Troopers, Federal Law Enforcement Officers - stand together - and demand 'common sense' gun laws - a BAN on military style assault weapons and high capacity magazines, background checks at gun shows, allowing the ATF to audit gun shops and gun shows, allowing ATF to use computers to assist law enforcement in tracking guns and for homicide and mass shooting investigations.

We as LEOs must take the lead - show the public that we who know the real consequences of homicides and mass shootings that we care and want assistance from them and that government, state and federal must do their part to protect LEOs and the public - NOW - not after another police killing or mass public shooting, NOW, we are ready to help Stop the Terror.

Friday, July 1, 2016


When DONALD J. TRUMP speaks 'people listen' it is his bombastic, ignorant rants, denigrating: President Obamas (weak), the US Military (weak / not strong enough), Mexicans and Muslims, the 'rigged' (American system) that is the meat and potatoes that 'radical terrorists' use to recruit 'new jihadists' and not just to those in the Middle East but to all 'terroists' around the WORLD, by using Trump's own words - that don't have to be tweaked or edited - they can use them on social media and in other forums against America and to put Americans in DANGER.

DONALD J. TRUMP has gone far below the level of decency to speak to Americans fears and doubts to create a divisive political campaign that has devalued the American Values at home and around the World. He is creating a level of mistrust between the American people and its Worldwide allies, that WE need to keep American safe and prosperous.

It is time for real Americans who love this country and its values, who want their children to grow up in freedom to reject the ignorant, bombastic and just plain wrong headed rhetoric of Donald J. Trump - start now, Today.......

Thursday, June 23, 2016


President Obama has made sixteen (16) mass murder announcements...unless we pass more 'common sense' gun control laws:
No Fly - No Buy, a ban on military style assaults weapons (Weapons of War), ban on high capacity magazines, and end to 'Open Carry Laws' and more training in the law and use of a handgun for CPL holders, background checks at gun shows, and allowing the ATF to check gun stores and their inventories. This would be a good start to stop mass killings.

Or President Obams should prepare his 17th, 18th ....mass murder announcements.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Trump takes Congrats lap as Orlando weeps....49+ dead

Trump - 1st Anti-American Values Republican Presidential Nominee


Donald Trump, again showed Why, he should not be the Republican Presidential candidate and how despicable - he and the Republican Party have become...US Rep Paul Ryan called his comment about a judge, racist "but continued his endorsement of Trump !!!!

Trump on 'twitter' took a victory lap, with his middle finger extended to President Obama and the American people and to the families of those who had members killed in Orlando - LGBT residents, by a homophobic terrorist - NO proof, yet exists that he was tied to ISIS / Daesh. Trump on his 'victory lap' was wearing a NRA sash.
He did call 911 (we are told) stating that he was and leaving his name) but NO proof, yet .....if a person wants to commit a horrific act and wants maximum publicity - attaching your name to ISIS / Daesh would give you added publicity, rather than being a LGBT hater.

Before, President Obama spoke Trump said he did not want 'congratulations' for his tough stance against 'Islamic Terrorists'. he wanted President Obama to use that phrase (for which the President has said would condemn all Muslims for the acts of a few), Trump just wanted America to be 'strong'...He DID NOT express sympathy to the families, the LGBT victims or make a comment about the need for a ban on military style assault weapons.
Trump and his minions COULD NOT prevent such an event, not crediting the Homeland Security Agency, the FBI and thousands of law enforcement officers, working every day, every hour to prevent these kind of incidents.
We citizens of the USA, do not need Trump as president - we need sensible gun control laws, and a BAN on military style assault weapons with high capacity magazines.
Loyal, decent, God fearing Republicans should repudiate Trump, now and every time he insults the USA and its citizens.

God Bless the USA and all the families and victims in Orlando, Sandy Hook, San Bernadino and every where - gun violence - has taken a life.
Note: 6-14-16...President Obama - not weak on Terrorism - Republicans are - Republicans talk talk talk tough but refuse to pass a law that would prohibit suspected terrorist from buying a gun, refuse to pass a law that if you are on No Fly List - you can't buy a gun...Why ???? because the NRA and some paranoid people are afraid that the 'government' is coming to take their guns away.

The NRA and Republicans won't allow the ATF to inspect gun shows or gun stores - won't reinstate the Assault Weapons Ban etc..30,000 people a year in USA die because of guns. We must have common sense gun laws to protect the public.

There is NO NO NO God given right for anyone to own a guns amd most especially - military style assault weapons !!!!

The US Constitution was written to allow guns for a well 'regulated militia' ...there was No army, no police, so you had a musket to protect your family.....Now the Founding Fathers would be ashamed and appalled to see their words twisted to justify ownership of 'military styled assault weapons' and to know that 30,000 Americans are killed every year because of gun violence, they would not be afraid of the NRA.
Note: I have tried since 1988 to get all toy guns to be colored - neon colors and not to be designed to look like real guns - think of how many children's lives could have been saved, how many law enforcement officers careers would be saved by not having had to shoot a child with a realistic looking to gun.

Monday, May 30, 2016


Memorial Day 2016...Honor our Veterans and STOP the Shaming.

STOP....DONALD TRUMP from Shaming the Flag, our Constitution, our military, our diverse population, our values, our economic system...He indicates that Nothing is going right in America - why doesn't he move - emigrate to a country that is so much better than the USA ????? because there is NO better country.

We have problems and differences but we have overcome them....Trump has magnified them, But has offered NO Solutions. He makes wild inacurate statements and then flips flops when asked for explanations. Trump has denigrated women and minorities and our allies - China, Japan, Mexico that we need in a global economy - if he continues - the World economy will collapse with OUR economy, he cannot prevent that with his freshman view of World Politics.

He claims to be a Christian, but God and Jesus would be Ashamed of Trump and Trump supporters who hear Trumps' words and vote for him - and not repudiate or condemn his outlandish views and comments. He has been married three (3) times!!!!!!!!!!! If this were a different time, he wouldn't even be considered a candidate, based on that alone.

Trump repeatedly and repeatedly says..." I am a rich guy - very rich, worth billions of dollars." but he refuses, on flimsy excuses to release his tax returns - Why ???? ...what should we believe he is hiding, that all other candidates haven't - his (low) tax rate ???, his failure to donate to Charities - maybe he gives it all to politicians and doesn't have any more money for veterans, churches, humanitarian efforts around the world, cancer research ?????

It is time that the Media does its job as investigators, truth tellers,
and filters for the American people. It was estimated that the Media gave Trump over two (2) billion dollars in free media exposure. Les Moonves, of CBS, said Trump was 'good for (media) business' he needs to apologies to the American people.

God is testing America and the Republican Party with
far many Americans have failed the test...
God Bless America !!! Our Country, Our Constitution, Our People and our Values...lets not lose an ignorant, foul mouthed, belligerent, anti American, anti Christian, buffoon - that is and more Donald Trump.