Saturday, July 18, 2015


Rumor - has it - that arrest rates are down 80%, in Detroit, normally 300 a day, now 60 a day...a person connected to the Department has said and others say the rumor is well known and that supervisors have tried to COERCE... DPD officers into making more arrests....

Reasons are ooohhhh so numerous: Low starting pay $14.00 and hour ($8.00 and hour after taxes / pension), Wage cuts for senior officers, pension and benefit cuts, unfounded citizen complaints, constant criticism from people like, Ron Scott (Citizens Against Police Brutality) who seems to get a comment into every news story about police taking action... low hiring standards (GED minimum requirement), poor and unsafe equipment, and continuing UNDER STAFFING (1590 officers / more minus every month.

Where is the $113m that was supposed to flow to the DPD after bankruptcy ??????? The GM - Ford - Chrysler vehicles donated, over two (2) years ago, to the department, need to be replaced. A recent news story about two children being killed in a police chase, had the officer testifying that their 2004 scout car was so bad, they didn't want to drive it over 50 miles and hour - for the officers safety.

While (BILLIONAIRE) Ilitch and Gilbert and Ford get hundreds of millions of tax dollars (err: captured downtown development dollars) for an uneeded M1 Railway System - a transportation boon doggle, a baseball stadium, a ice area and a football stadium, Detroit Police Officers, Detroit Fire Fighters and EMS staffers still suffer from low pay, pension and benefits, while Ilitch, Gilbert and Ford reap millions of dollars from tax payers supported projects - if the projects are so lucrative, then let them borrow the money ( at 0% interest - from the Feds).

Call the Mayors office and City Council offices and demand a better police department, with increased hiring standards, better pay, pensions and benefits for officers / fire fighters and EMS techs. Your safety as a Detroit resident and / or Visitor depends on this....until it happens - Detroit will be unsafe - everyday and night.
Crime should be the #1 issue - everyone agreed during the election - but now the rich get the dough and residents the crumbs.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Detroit Police Department - needs 1,030 new police officers - NOW.

June 26, 2015: 1590.....police officers

80.....captains / lts
59.....dpd assistants (former POs - now civilian assts)
2,254 TOTAL........... - 59 == 2,195

This is not enough officers to make Detroit residents safe, or visitors !!! Think how many police officers are going to be needed at CoMerica Park, Ford Field and downtown events throughout the summer - your local precincts will be drained.

Detroit needs to raise its hiring standards (2 - 4 yrs of college / military) and raise the pay and benefits to attract and retain these officers using: STATE and FEDERAL GRANT MONEY !!! that our local, state and national elected officials should be trying to get, every day.
Public Safety should be the #1 issue in Detroit - It's NOT...

Friday, June 12, 2015

Let It Rip : Defending yourself in Detroit / Fox2 Detroit, June 11, 2015

Let It Rip Pt. 2: Defending yourself in Detroit - Fox 2 News Headlines
(click above - to see the video clip)

Detroit cannot be a properous successful city - it needs 1,000 new police officers, using State and Federal grants.
Detroit needs to raise its hiring standards (2-4yrs college / military experience), raise the pay (above $14. hr), better benefits, training and equipment.

Monday, June 8, 2015


Detroit PBS...Boycott....

Detroit Public Television has failed to air the documentary, Stranded at the Corner, about historic Detroit Tiger Stadium - Why ???? even after all these years since the Stadium was demolished, Rich Homberg refuses to air the documentary, directed by Gary Glaser and produced by Peter Comstock Riley.

It is shameful that Detroit Public Television is afraid to air the documentary and have a public discussion about it, because the fear of retaliation by Mike Ilitch, who many believe had been the driving force behind 'demolition by neglect' and who profited greatly as the Stadium sat neglected, while he collected money for its upkeep.
So - please withhold donations to Detroit PBS, until they put the documentary in its lineup, and have a round table discussion about - Why it was demolished and Who is responsible. !!

This film explores the public and private maneuverings that resulted from the abandonment of Tiger Stadium, one of the nation’s classic ballparks. Featured in the film is archival footage and interviews as well as the rich history of Tiger Stadium, the struggle to prevent the team from leaving the ballpark, and its current state of neglect.
Run time: 83min
photo by: David Malhalab, ON facebook...MNS Photo / M News Service

Thursday, April 30, 2015


Michigan Roads - Proposal 1 - Vote NO NO NO.... Update

L Brook Patterson, Oakland County Executive, said on the WXYX Chl 7 News that Proposal 1 - "is a TRAIN ROBBERY" by insurance companiews who want to get their hands on the $20b Catastrophic Insurance Fund for 'their nefarious purposes'. So Tuesday - Vote NO...NO ...NO... to bad governance.

Michigan residents should not reward bad governance by voting to apporve Proposal 1 - a convaluted proposal to fix Michigan roads, which are a disgrace and dangerous.

Republican policies in Michigan and across this country are anti-middle class, anti-poor, anti-women, anti-minorities, anti-GLBT and their anti-President Obama statements, actions and rhetoric have weakend America around the world - Republicans have done this - not President Obama.

For six years, and as the Tea Party movement has grown, good governance by Republicans has disappeared and and so has their common sense and decency - good thinking Republicans have been shunted aside, in favor of, strident ignorant voices who appeal to the base fears and prejuidices of people.

Michigan residents must reject Propoasal 1 and demand a long term comprehensive proposal to fix the roads, bridges, sewers, power grid, and to protect our water resources. This will cost billions of dollars not $1.2 billion, but a continuing spending of tax dollars to protect us into the future and we must not wait !!!!
Now - threats !!! US Sen Carl Levin is implying in TV spots that if Proposal 1 - isn't passed - that cuts to schools and public safety will have to be made...

Lies: That Proposal 1 will mean that 'quality control' measures will be instituted to make road and bridge builders pay for failed roads and bridges - but Michigan has for the past 13 years had such provisions - but Mi Dept of Transportation has never forced a road builder to make repairs, letting the taxpayer pay and pay.

Monday, March 16, 2015


Letter to the Editor

Open Carry Laws, in Michigan, and other states, are a 'clear and present danger' to the general public and law enforcement officers..Persons who 'open carry' frighten the public and the law doesn't allow law enforcement officers to properly investigate that person, so neither the public nor the law enforcement officer knows the clear intent of that person - and wether he / she is a danger or not.

To allow 'open carry' advocates to carry a gun, rifle or other weapons into 'pistol free zones' where persons with a proper Concealed Weapons Permit cannot go, goes against all logic and concerns for the public, in this current state of anxiety over crime and terrorism.

God did not give US citizens the 'right to carry a gun' ....carrying a gun is NOT a God given must be regulated for the protection of the public and law enforcement officers.
If you qualify for a CPL then you should abide by the laws and not be allowed to 'open carry'. CPL training must also be increased, to protect the licensee and the general public.

The Michigan legislature should, immediately, make reforming the 'Open Carry Laws' a priority, because of the current and past incidents that have children, teachers and the public fearful.I am one of the few, but growing law enforcement officers that have spoken out about 'open carry laws' and the need for restrictions on the purchase of handguns, military assault style weapons and toy guns.

We must make Michigan residents and all US citizens safer from gun violence and that will take standing up to the National Rifle Association. It will take legislators and congressmen courage - now is the time to add to those 'Profiles in Courage'.

Sgt Detroit Police Retired

ps: Open Carry Laws in Michigan need to be reformed....A person should not be able to Open Carry guns / rifles / assault weapons anywhere that a Concealed Weapon Permit restricts their prescence, stadiums, schools, college campuses, government buildings, bars, restaurants etc... and Toy Guns should all be colored neon colors and NOT resemble real handguns / rifles / assault weapons for public safety and law enforcement safety. Contact your State Legislator and US House and US Senate representatives and tell them to make your streets safe.

Open-carry activist speaks out after school lockdown scare
Two Michigan gun advocates tested their rights to openly carry in the most controversial of places allowed by the state — public schools.

Saturday, December 20, 2014


President Obama has done what Richard Nixon did in 1972 - Nixon (the great anti-Communist) eho opened dipolmatic relations with China, in President Obama has opened the door to diplomatic relations with Cuba, after over 50 years.

President Obama has realized that after 50 years the economic boycott of Cuba, by the US, has been a failure and that was a absolute failure and to create - change - and to create jobs in the US, diplomatic relations with Cuba, should be normalized. Now the Cuban people and Americans will soon be able to travel, and visit. The economic exchanges will provide profits to both countries. The decision was long overdue and President Obama is to be congratulated for making this happen.

There has been Republican outcries against President Obama's decision - what haven't they opposed ??? So to go forward with diplomatic, cultural and business opportunities is a good thing.

ps..Cuban President Rauol Castro has warned and advised the US that Cuba will not give up its political system because of the change - but that is for public consumption - real change is coming to Cuba, and now nothing will stop it. Mao also did the same thing to his Party.


For over 50 years - the USA has boycotted Cuba, with a misguided policy that a boycott would bring down Fidel Castro and his regime.

Well after 50 years, by any measure this policy has been a failure - Fidel and Raul Castro remain in power and the Cuban people suffer - frozen in time.

President Obama has taken small steps - but he must declare an unilateral end to the boycott of Cuba - and Open Cuba to all Americans who wish to travel and/or reunite with family and friends. No restrictions - let American bring their dollars and voices of freedom - let the Cuban people begin to feel the freedom - even if Fidel and Raoul benefit, in the short run.

A program on CNBC (Escape from Havana:An American Story)about 14,000 children secretly flown out of Cuba in the 1960's and their stories is a compelling story of survival and of the failure of US policy.

These children now seniors - some feel Cuba must be open and that American policy, that they once supported, is wrong - and the USA must open trade and travel to Cuba.