Tuesday, November 6, 2012



Jon Stewart on his Daily Show (CCN) announced the President Obama has been re-elected. Now followed by all the major networks -

The closet race (??) in American history is over by 11:30 pm - election night. $6 billion dollars has been spent , in the most expensive Presidential election, leaves us the same as before the election - a Democratic President, a Democratic US Senate, and a Republican House of Representatives.

All that is left of the Republican Party is for Paul Ryan and Gordon Norquist is to tear apart the GOP - the former home of Dwight Eishower, Ronald Regan, Gerald Ford and Abraham Lincoln - this once proud party has been undermined by right wing fanatics, who opposed President Obaman, in part, because he was black - and their denial of the USA as part of a world economy.

Obama has done a remarkable job taking us back from a recession - and creating a slow but steady growth. The US suffers as part of a world economic slowdown, not because of the 'failed policies of President Obama'.

Obama Care (Romney Care) will survive providing a better more affordable health care for Americans, the poor and middle class will benefit, and America will be better for it.

So America has survived a close call with fanaticism - but still in the heart of Mississippi a KKK leader predicted a race war (ABC News) if President Obama was re-eleted - so there are still major problems to face and overcome, but hopefully our political leaders will finally stand up and lead - so that America will move forward and lead the world to peace and prosperity.

God Bless America - and Thank you - God.

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